Making a Halloween Music Playlist? Deviate From the Norm!

Happy Halloween Week everyone! Always one of my favorite holidays.

Are you one of those people who loves to make a playlist for your Halloween parties or to scare trick or treaters as they come hit you up for their Snickers fix?

Well if so this post is for you, and for those of you looking to treat your ears to some new music, as well.

Year after year we hear the same ol’ Halloween standards….Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” “The Monster Mash,”  “One Eyed One Horned Purple People Eater” as festive, quirky pop tunes. Then there is the sophisticated setlisters who employ classical music.  Pieces like; Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D min,” Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mtn. King” and Orff’s “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana.

Lets ‘Deviate from the Norm’ this year….to borrow a line from Rush’s Geddy Lee and Neil Peart. Here are a few ideas that are not quite as trendy but every bit as scary and quirky.  Add some of these tunes to your Halloween Ipod playlist and you will be the coolest ‘evil’ DJ this side of Transylvania.


Everyone and their mother uses the theme from the Twilight Zone or Michael Myers Halloween movies.

Here is a modern take on the horror theme song genre. Try the end credits from Dexter…you know the serial killer who kills serial killers. Very haunting melody. The version here unlike the show has an extended drumtrack mix through the second part.


How this song hasn’t become a Halloween classic I’ll never know. The Who’s tale of a creepy crawly spider named Boris is a great replacement for the overplayed “Monster Mash.”

Megadeth’s, “I Ain’t Superstitious” is a can’t miss, as well.

Rock Tunes

Any of the following would make a perfect addition to your playlist;

Black Sabbath…The demonic Metalers were masters of the tri-tone and chromatic power chord songs.

I would recommend “Black Sabbath” or “Electric Funeral” if you want heavy metal with a dark tinge but their super studio effected intro to the “Mob Rules,” entitled “E5150” will scare the kids right off your porch.

Most people when they think of Van Halen think great guitar but not so much spooky sounds.  Eddie, however, had a few tricks up his sleeve. Check out “Tora Tora/Loss Control,” “Intruder” and the prepared piano piece “Strung Out.” All would add a little edge to your Goul-list. My Van Halen pick, however, goes to the synth based “Sunday Afternoon in the Park.”


I hesitate to put these pieces on this list because they are ‘real’ music written by ‘real’ composers but not for the purpose of being dark, scary and Halloweenish where as the rock tunes above were. These are composers who have experimented with sound systems, emotions and humanity for much deeper reasons than being background for a bunch of frat boys in costumes drinking as much beer as they can on Halloween. That said I am here for you! I am here to offer you some new sounds and that is what I am going to do.

Charles Ives, “Hallowe’en”

Schoenberg, “Pierrot Lunaire”

Bartok, “String Quartet #4, 5th Movement”

Check back next year for a new list.

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Presidential Campaign 2012, Romney v Obama (Scherzino Falsetto)

As the political season heads Down the Stretch it looks like this tight Presidential race will be a Thriller to The End. Most of us in America from Coast to Coast have become Comfortably Numb after being Kicked in the Teeth by the Promises and Little Lies of both candidates. One Way or Another one of these two men will be our President for the next four years. Americans will be Living on a Prayer that the winner keeps the Taxman away from our Money, but, you would be Fooling Yourself!…. I Wish them both the best as one of them heads to DC and the other Politician returns to either Massachusetts or Sweet Home Chicago. Romney hopes Obama is Movin’ Out. Obama hopes Romney will be Heading out to the Highway. Sad But True one of these FINE men will be Slip Slidin’ Away and the other living in the Limelight.

After hearing from these two for some Time now Americans surely think they are both Dazed and Confused, Heartless

Two Fools A Minute

Fools and just plain Crazy.

The pair keep going Round and Round. Their Jive Talkin’ is a Roundabout way of giving Americans the RunaroundI Cant Explain why they don’t just Say what they mean to say. You Might Think it’s a Communication Breakdown that every thing they say sounds all Do Whacka Do. Well, it’s not the Twilight Zone. They are hoping that voters will Surrender when they become All Shook Up from their blah blah blah, Talk Talk and not see either man’s True Colors

I’m a Believer if you think Life’s Been Good the last four years you will vote for Obama. If not you would like to say Good Riddance to Obama and vote for Romney.

When the election is over hopefully we can all Come Together and Have a Drink on Me!

God Bless America!

My name is Mike Slayen and I fully endorse all songs in this message.

Click here for info on the above songs.

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