Got Mud in Your Face, Big Disgrace

I have to say there is not much about being a dad for the last 3.5 year that hasn’t been pretty amazing! It’s awesome to watch a little baby grow up and learn new things everyday.

As a musician though the coolest thingĀ  is when your kids display a little musical talent….or at least an interest.

Hearing my daughter sing her nursery rhymes and TV cartoon theme songs creates more than a little pride for sure.

But, what is really cool is she is starting to rock out a little bit…her new favorite lyrics that she proudly sings over and over everywhere she goes are….


We Will Rock You

Got mud in your face

…big disgrace

……kicking your can all over the place!

Then the chorusĀ  ……We Will We Will Rock You!

Gotta love it!

The Family that Rocks Out Together…

Doesn’t every family do this on their drives, to their favorite songs? If you say no your probably lying! Happy Thursday.
PS the little guy in the car seat makes the video…cause even if this was contrived to get get millions of hits he doesn’t really know whats going on!