Space Cowboy, Steve Miller, Turns 69 on Oct. 5

Been a lot of Rock n Roll Birthdays this week.

Steve Miller is next on the list. October 5th , the Space Cowboy will turn 69.

From the time I was a little kid through high school, Steve Miller was one of my favorites! As a guitarist I think he is underrated and he has a great Rock n Roll voice. Couple that with the super cool synth tracks ie Fly Like an Eagle and a young rocker to be couldn’t resist. Music was like catnip for my developing internal music hard drive! I will always remember hearing him in the car driving around San Diego with my mom and at the beach blaring out of radios. Even back then when I was 7, 8 years old I couldn’t get enough music and Steve Miller was always on hand.

For some reason I think “Swingtown” was my all time favorite of his songs. It displays all the previously mentioned aspects; his voice, guitar riffs and the ambient synthesizers. Here it is…Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Rush’s Geddy Lee Turns 59 Today!

Cant believe all my childhood music heroes are in their 60′ & 70’s already! C’mon Paul McCartney is 70?? Although he sure didn’t look it at his Olympic opening ceremony performance the other night, he still looks young.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rush bassist/singer/keyboardist Geddy Lee…who is turning 59 today! Hold on to that last year of your 50’s!!! Still rockin out as well. Rush’s 2012 release Clockwork Angels is their best album in years. Somewhat of a return to their heavier roots.

Have a good one Geddy!

RIP Andy Griffith Another Piece of Americana Passes Away July 3, 2012

Sad to hear the news today that Andy Griffith passed away at 86 years old. Everyone growing up in American pop culture knows Andy Griffith either as Sheriff Taylor on his self named sitcom or later as detective Ben Matlock.

In addition to his acting roles Griffith was always associated with music. Singing on the Andy Griffith show, in his past movie roles and he even won a Grammy Award.

For those of us who grew up in front of our TVs in the 70s & 80s The Andy Griffith Show is definitely a piece of our upbringing and Andy Griffith will be missed! RIP