Lighten Up Francis, Give Geddy a Break!!

Here is one of the lamest arguments in rock in roll.


Geddy Lee is often criticized as a singer because he doesn’t write his own lyrics. Critics ask, ‘How can he put his heart and soul into words that he didn’t write? Umm…Classical musicians/opera, jazz standards, great cover tunes in all genres…and of course actors too. How can anyone expect an actor to put emotion into his script if he/she didn’t write it?

Another sign of music critics who take themselves a bit too seriously.

Happy Birthday, Rush’s Geddy Lee Turns 59 Today!

Cant believe all my childhood music heroes are in their 60′ & 70’s already! C’mon Paul McCartney is 70?? Although he sure didn’t look it at his Olympic opening ceremony performance the other night, he still looks young.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rush bassist/singer/keyboardist Geddy Lee…who is turning 59 today! Hold on to that last year of your 50’s!!! Still rockin out as well. Rush’s 2012 release Clockwork Angels is their best album in years. Somewhat of a return to their heavier roots.

Have a good one Geddy!

New Rush Song, “Headlong Flight”

Just heard the first track off Rush’s soon to be released album. The track is “Headlong Flight” the album due June 12 is called “Clockwork Angels”

The sound is GREAT! The band sounds refreshed, revitalized, real good and ready to go!!

Nice to hear such a heavy aggressive song from our friends north of the border. Even as a huge fan I was pleasantly surprised how good this track sounded.

~Looks like the song has been taken down from the previously posted site try this link to Rolling Stone Magazine.~

Let me know what you think.