When Music & Sports Collide, Trevor Hoffman, HOF

If you ask pro athletes many say they want to be musicians. If you ask musicians many want to be pro athletes. I still have the occasional recurring dream that the Padres manager tells me to grab a bat! Im in the show!

Grass is always greener I guess….I think we gravitate towards the things we should for a reason. I was a good baseball /football player as a kid but guitar won out…then as I got more serious about music, sports become the enemy…one funky catch and mess up a finger… skateboards are the devil…as a classical guitarist even a broken fingernail is no bueno!

There are those rare dual threats like my cousin Chase d’ Arnaud…plays  MLB for the San Francisco Giants (formerly Padres, Red Sox, Braves, Pirates)  and sings and plays guitar professionally on the side.

Every player and team has ‘their’ song these days. But there are a few cool music/sports combos that have true identity and transcend time. The Chicago Bulls-Sirius from the Alan Parsons Project. The NFL’s incessant use of Start Me Up/Crazy Train/Machine Head and a few others over the decades.

If you are from San Diego you know…

Hells Bells-Trevor Hoffman!

Milwaukee got a taste too…if you are a baseball fan that pays attention outside of your own team you know and for a good decade when The Bells rang San Diego sports fans went nuts. The Bells meant victory was coming!

Trevor enters the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. One of the few greats in San Diego sports history and only the second true Padre to enter the Hall following Tony Gwynn.

Congrats Trevor! Thanks for staying loyal to San Diego as few athletes have!!



Mick Jagger on SNL Season Finale May 19

Although the show is starting to make a resurgence to being funny after a few…+ dud years, I am actually looking forward to this one. Not so much because I am a huge Rolling Stones fan, but, they have done so many jokes about the band over the years there should be some prime moments.

Mick Jagger has made previous appearances on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest and appearing in  a few skits as well. However on May 19 SNL’s season finale Jagger will make his first hosting appearance.

The video contains a snippet of Mike Meyers playing Mick while Mick plays Keith Richards from a past classic episode.

If you watch it give me your critiques, I will!

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