NFL Week 2 Recap, Lightning Strikes


The NFL’s week 2 is now in the books excluding Monday night’s game. The theme for this Sunday’s festivities…”Lightning!”¬†Three separate instances of electric streaks.

There isn’t much that stops NFL games weather-wise, except, lightning. Both the Saints/Buccaneers and later in the evening the 49ers/Seahawks games both sustained delays due to the electricity in the air.

Then of course there was the San Diego Chargers striking a Bolt right across Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles bow. Pre game predictions ranged from Charges had no chance to they would give up 60 points, nope just put a beat down on the Eagles.

Of course with all the lightning going on my head starts playing a bunch of songs with Lightning or similar references in the title.

Metallica’s, “Ride the Lightening”

AC/DC’s, “High Voltage”

Ozzy Osbourne’s, “Lightning Strikes”

However, the song that truly stuck in my head all day was,¬†Aerosmith’s, “Lightning Strikes.”

So here it is, Enjoy!

Junior Seau, Ride the Lightening

This is a song that has been played at the Q for many years to pump up Charger fans. Metallica’s “Ride the Lightening”

Awesome Video of Lightening Strikes and a fitting musical and video tribute I think to Junior as he played like a BOLT of lightening.

RIP Junior