Sun Kissed the Sea by Shores of Apollo

This is a treat for me!¬†Shores of Apollo is one of my former student’s, Victor’s, band. It is always cool to see someone who has taken lessons from me that continues to make music, but, even cooler to see them flourish!

Victor was always really musical even at a young age. Must run in the family as his dad is a pretty good drummer too.

This song has a really cool mix of heavy-ness and dream like melodies. The bands Facebook page states that, ‘all current recording are works in progress.’ Can’t wait for the final versions then. Keep on rocking Victor…and please keep me posted of your upcoming shows and projects!

Check this video out, there are some great guitarists and musicians coming out of the Poway area!

Shores of Apollo Facebook Fan Page

Guitar Practicing Tips- Keep it Out

Have you ever been walking around your house bored and say, ‘Ooooh I am gonna practice my guitar?’ You find that it is in the case, tucked in a room you never practice in and a full stack of junk on top. You know, just like your gym equipment….’Maybe I’ll practice later…’

It happens to the best of us!

One way to avoid this is to keep your guitar out of the case, of course you want to make sure you find a safe spot for it. Also keep it in a room you frequent so you can pick it up at anytime. If it is staring you in the face you are more likely to pick it up. If you pick it up you can get in a quick practice session. If you get in a quick session who knows it may turn into a full blown practice session.

Keep your guitar out, keep it protected and keep it where you can easily pick it up at anytime!

Keep practicing!!!

Guitar Practicing Tips – If You Can’t Practice Everyday…

What is the most important day to practice? Well everyday of course!

If you are taking lessons or attending classes, however, there is a best day. It is either the day of(afterwards) or the day after your lesson. When you learn something new you need to reinforce the concepts and muscle actions ASAP. If you wait until the next day and then you get an unexpected invite, then the next day the kids need you, the next day you already had plans….etc., by now half a week or more has passed. It is easy to forget exactly what you were supposed to be focusing on. If you miss a day after you already practiced your new stuff you have a better chance of remembering everything.

So that said jump on it as soon as you can!

Keep practicing!!!