Michael Schenker Said No to the Rolling Stones, Ozzy, Aerosmith…

Here is one for the category..”I never knew”

I have always heard that Michael Schenker turned down a stint with Ozzy Osbourne but it appears there were several other suitors who he gave the cold shoulder, as well.

Michael Schenker

I have been a Michael Schenker fan for 30 years plus. He has been one of my biggest influences.

Michael is one of those elite guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc. Axemen of different styles that absolutely command their guitars. Guitarists that are known for spending incredible amounts of hours developing their craft to the point where every note displays their musical bidding.

Michael Schenker is very much a man on path. He is a man who has had to face many demons including substance abuse. One thing that you have to admire is that he has always seemed to know his path or perhaps where is path shouldn’t lie.

For that reason he has turned down some of the worlds biggest bands such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and I am sure countless others that have sought his 6 string, Flying V services. Of Ozzy and the Rolling Stones I have heard him say he would be dead if he joined their ranks. Amazing insights from a man who has seemed to have troubles controlling his life the way he does his guitar.

Obviously he chose wisely. Schenker has been tirelessly recording and touring the world over the years. He has a huge cult following around the world from fans who have known him as a founding member of the Scorpions, bringing the band UFO to new heights and as a solo artist.

Click here to hear/see one of Michael Schenker’s great instrumental compositions, “Into the Arena”

Band Logos and Dreams

Something really caught my eye in the Strong Bad video from my last post.  Notice how his band logos were all drawn on lined notebook paper. Yes parents unfortunately this implies your darling little students might not always be giving their full attention to their teachers.

Seeing the blue lined paper instantly transformed me back to when I was going to be a rock star in Jr. and Sr. High. Much of my and my friend’s time was spent intricately drawing either our own band logos or perfecting our favorite bands mark. You know the VH logo for Van Halen, AC/DC with the cool lightening bolt down the middle, OzzY with the strikes through the letters and Michael Schenker Groups intertwined MSG with his iconic black and white flying V guitar in the middle. I could go on and on naming my favorite bands of the time but not so sure I could recall all my teachers’ names. Come to think of it these musicians WERE/ARE my teachers!!!

We did not only, peripherally, use all that notebook paper our parents diligently bought us each school year, but decorated our book covers, as well. No we didn’t deface the books…well not too much…I do seem to remember having to erase a few drawings before books were turned in at the end of the semester. The true ‘badge of honor’ was to walk around campus with your brown paper bag, home crafted book cover completely decorated with cool band logos.

Looking back those were truly formative years in my music career igniting my desire to be a musician.  The tireless sketching was a non-verbal way of expressing my interests. At the time there was no way to tell my dad I wanted to be a musician I was supposed to go to college. Well I guess we both won. I did go to college but studied music, got my BM and MM in guitar performance and am a full time musician. True passion goes a long way in making things work out in the end. Guarantee you when my daughter comes home with a ‘notebook’ full of her dreams I will be sure to help ignite that fire!

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