Happy Birthday, Rush’s Geddy Lee Turns 59 Today!

Cant believe all my childhood music heroes are in their 60′ & 70’s already! C’mon Paul McCartney is 70?? Although he sure didn’t look it at his Olympic opening ceremony performance the other night, he still looks young.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rush bassist/singer/keyboardist Geddy Lee…who is turning 59 today! Hold on to that last year of your 50’s!!! Still rockin out as well. Rush’s 2012 release Clockwork Angels is their best album in years. Somewhat of a return to their heavier roots.

Have a good one Geddy!

A Lighter Shade of Purple, RIP Jon Lord

2012 continues to be a sad year in the music business. Today we lost Jon Lord keyboardist for Deep Purple.

Being a die-hard guitarist since I was about 14 I only had a mild interest in most keyboard music. Jon Lord however had an aggressive, unique and heavy sound that always stood out to me and I enjoyed. Even though Deep Purple was obviously guitarist Ritchie Blackmore’s project, they certainly would not have been the same without his keyboard riffs!

Jon Lord’s official website

Definitely sad to hear the news but once again the band above’s talent grows!!

RIP Jon Lord!

Check out Lord’s unique sound in the intro of this song. This is his signature tone which really was unique and worked perfect for Deep Purple’s metal sound. Also his ‘Egyptian’ sounding harmonic minor solo at the end is very musical as he switches to a completely different sound.

Deep Purple, “Perfect Strangers”