A Guitar Christmas, Jimi Hendrix, Silent Night/Little Drummer Boy/Auld Lang Syne

This is a new one to me. I am sure tired and true Hendrix fans have already heard this one, but,  I never even knew it existed.

You know when you got to a Christmas party and the host has a holiday playlist where every song sounds like Frank Sinatra? Nothing against Frank I am a fan myself, but, I need a variety in my holiday playlist. Classical to Metal, Latin to Country, New Age to Punk….that makes an interesting list in my opinion.

There is just something about hearing holiday music interpreted by great musicians and this medley is definitely all Jimi!

So glad to have found this gem to add to my collection.


A Jazz Musicians Christmas

“Playing nice and simple for the ol’ folks…

If they heard my b5’s and minor 9’s I’d be headin’ for the unemployment line…”

I heard this song the other day and had to post it. Musicians all have to play gigs at times where the music means more to the consumers than the musicians(beats digging ditches I always say!) This song a jazz musician lets out his hardships about playing Xmas music for the holidays and not being able to throw in his favorite jazz licks.

Pretty funny and maybe a new Xmas tune to many of you.


Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend! “Holiday”

Cannot believe it  is Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer already!

From myself, my family and everyone at Mike Slayen Studios have a fun and safe holiday!

“Holiday,” from the Scorpions. This is a great song, listen even if you are not a fan of the band. This will give you a different perspective than you may have had about the band and heavy metal in general. This is a a very melodic tune.