A Guitar Christmas, Brian Setzer, Nutcracker Suite

This is one of my favorite Xmas songs to break out and listen to each December.  I love the big band rockabilly treatment Setzer gives to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite with just enough guitar in there to make it rock.

Even if you think you are not familiar with the Nutcracker you will definitely recognize most parts if not all. Unfortunately, our commercial society bastardizes great classic music into cartoonish soundbites to sell products.

Enjoy yourself a swingin’ Merry Christmas!

A Jazz Musicians Christmas

“Playing nice and simple for the ol’ folks…

If they heard my b5’s and minor 9’s I’d be headin’ for the unemployment line…”

I heard this song the other day and had to post it. Musicians all have to play gigs at times where the music means more to the consumers than the musicians(beats digging ditches I always say!) This song a jazz musician lets out his hardships about playing Xmas music for the holidays and not being able to throw in his favorite jazz licks.

Pretty funny and maybe a new Xmas tune to many of you.