Speedy Recovery to Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton!

Sending out thoughts to Tom Hamilton bassist for Aerosmith. He left the recent Australian tour with a chest infection.

Not many bands that I would miss the bass player, but, Aerosmith without any of their original lineup would be lacking.

Cheers Tom, hope your feeling better and back your post at stage left soon!

Happy Birthday, Rush’s Geddy Lee Turns 59 Today!

Cant believe all my childhood music heroes are in their 60′ & 70’s already! C’mon Paul McCartney is 70?? Although he sure didn’t look it at his Olympic opening ceremony performance the other night, he still looks young.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Rush bassist/singer/keyboardist Geddy Lee…who is turning 59 today! Hold on to that last year of your 50’s!!! Still rockin out as well. Rush’s 2012 release Clockwork Angels is their best album in years. Somewhat of a return to their heavier roots.

Have a good one Geddy!