Monday Song to Relax – Blue in Green, Miles Davis

If you had a long Monday like me here is a great tune to help you unwind. Miles Davis’ “Blue in Green” Even the title sounds relaxing. The piece is modal with open spacing in the chords. In fact ‘space’ is a great adjective for this piece. The melodies, drums, bass and improv lines all take their time creating a laid back feeling.

If you are unfamiliar make sure you check out the whole album, “Kind of Blue” a true jazz landmark recording!

Relax! Enjoy!

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Run Playlist 1/30/2014

Anyone who works out with their headphones knows how awesome it is when you get a big lift from your favorite song. Or hearing a cool tune you would have never picked shuffle through on your picturesque jog… With 1000s of songs on my iPod I almost always shuffle. I’ve always thought it would be […]

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Upcoming Shows, September

Here are my upcoming public performances through the end of September. There are two  shows. Both are solo performances featuring a mix of classical, Latin, popular and flamenco styles. Friday, September 21 at the Roxy in Encinitas. 7:00-9:30PM Very cool place that has been supporting music forever in San Diego. They have something for every […]

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