ABC’s of the Guitar

An ABC Award has been bestowed on yours truly and this humble blog, ’12 Notes & the Truth!’ Thanks so much to my blogging colleague on the other side of the pond…Heavy Metal Overload…a true music fan if ever there was one…make sure you pay his blog a visit!!! Without doubt the hardest part of […]

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Function of My Dysfunction

A note on setting up a good practicing atmosphere. Tonight I’ve been working on a few things: practicing music, writing music, setting up my website, working some blog ideas, browsing the internet, researching some music. Believe it or not I have been getting a lot of quality production in ALL these areas. Herein lies the […]

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Here are some photos of students and events over the years. Some photos from lessons at the studio.               One of the extra-curricular projects I offer is a chance for students to record their own CD.  Although it is available all year most students have done their recordings as […]

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