ABC’s of the Guitar

An ABC Award has been bestowed on yours truly and this humble blog, ’12 Notes & the Truth!’ Thanks so much to my blogging colleague on the other side of the pond…Heavy Metal Overload…a true music fan if ever there was one…make sure you pay his blog a visit!!! Without doubt the hardest part of […]

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Scorpions, “Your Light”

This might not be your typical Scorpions song. Most fans of the German rockers are familiar with hits like “Rock You Like A Hurricane,”  “Big City Nights,” “Still Loving You” and “No One Like You.” The late 70’s to the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s…was when the band developed their signature heavy metal sound. There were however […]

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Band Logos and Dreams

Something really caught my eye in the Strong Bad video from my last post.  Notice how his band logos were all drawn on lined notebook paper. Yes parents unfortunately this implies your darling little students might not always be giving their full attention to their teachers. Seeing the blue lined paper instantly transformed me back […]

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