Upcoming Shows, September

Here are my upcoming public performances through the end of September.
There are two  shows.

Both are solo performances featuring a mix of classical, Latin, popular and flamenco styles.

Friday, September 21 at the Roxy in Encinitas. 7:00-9:30PM

Very cool place that has been supporting music forever in San Diego. They have something for every taste. Great food mostly vegetarian but don’t let that scare you, try the falafel burger or their pizzas. Roxy also has specialty coffee drinks, full bar and desserts.

All ages are welcome!

Sunday, September 30 at Orfila Vineyards & Winery in Escondido. 3:00-5:30PM

This is the place to go if you want to relax out in nature for a couple hours. Orfila overlooks the vineyards and mountains in the distance.
Taste some wine, grab some food(they are supposed to have a gourmet food truck) and listen to music.

Kids are definitely welcome even though it is a winery.
In all I have five gigs the next two weekends so I will be a busy guy. Two weddings, a fiesta and the two public events above.

It’s been blast seeing  everyone at the recent shows and it is always great to see familiar faces so hope to see you! You might even get your photo on the website! Check my blog.

Also check my performance calendar.




Beware of the Pick Gremlins!

My friends we are facing an epidemic! It’s brutal some would say unnerving!

Cool Skull Pick
Cool Skull Pick

If you play guitar with a pick, you know what I’m talking about. You go to your local guitar store drop a few bucks and, in theory, have enough picks to last you for awhile.

You know you bought a few of the cool ones with skull designs on them, a few heavy ones for fast picking and that one thin one for strumming some folk songs.

Get home and it’s time for a practice session. You start jamming then a distraction, maybe the doorbell rings. You put your new skull pick down in a precise spot on the coffee table so you remember exactly where you left it so you don’t lose it. You dispatch the salesman at the door only to return to your rockin’ out and cue the theme from “Psycho” as you look down and that shiny new pick is gone.

“What the heck!?, I left it right there on the coffee table…right there in the corner!”  Too late! …It’s gone…like a swimmer in “Jaws”, like a camper in Mike Myers’ neck of the woods, like one of Sigourney Weaver’s buddies in “Alien.”

Get a glass of water…Bam, another one gone! Go to the bathroom…ChaChing, your thin pick is gone! Picks disappear like crazy. Where do they go? It doesn’t make any sense.

Over the years I’ve come to one conclusion. There are Pick Gremlins amongst us. It doesn’t matter where you live or how careful you are with your picks they are gonna disappear on you.  You can even check your pockets and the laundry, but, they’re gone!  It’s the pick gremlins no other possibility.

For those of you who play guitar you KNOW what I’m talking about. For those that don’t…well you probably think all guitarists are nuts anyways.

Beware of the Pick Gremlins!

See You at the Roxy, Sat. April 14, 7-9:30

Hey Everyone,

I am performing solo at the Roxy Encinitas this Saturday, April 14, 7-9:30 PM. I’ve been playing at the Roxy for over 10 years now and still love playing there.

If you’ve never been they have some great food, drinks, coffee and desserts. My favs are the falafel burger, artichoker sandwich, squash enchiladas…..  Click here for details on the Roxy.

I’ll be right in front of the fish tank!

All ages are welcome so hope to see you there!