Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you all for following my blog! I appreciate¬†all of you who follow and chat about my favorite subject…..MUSIC!

Thank you to all my wedding and performance clients, fellow musicians and students….it is a pleasure to share music with all of you!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Well it’s definitely that time already in the music teaching biz!

If you are like me, you know it is way too early for Christmas music, at least for listening. However, with student performances and CD recording projects coming up SOON it has been my experience that the day after Halloween needs to be the official start of practicing holiday music.

Gotta love the Frank Sinatra Christmas Songbook…has NOTHING to do with him other than the picture on the cover.


For those looking for music I strongly recommend the FJH series of Methods and Xmas books. I’ve been using them for 7 plus years now. Their books are a bit more contemporary than the ol’ standards. My students laugh cause I know what page every song is on….they test me but they never trick me.

Tips on practicing for the holidays…

-Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Pick one or two songs with arrangements at your skill level. Learn those and then dive into another. If you start too many at one time you might burn out and lose your steam.

-Practice at least one song you play the notes or tab and a couple with just chords. People love to sing their favorites this time of the year and you can strum away and accompany them.

-Have fun!! Making music with others is a blast. Be confident, but, don’t take it too seriously!

BONUS TIP: Unless you are really comfortable sight-reading make copies of the songs you intend to play and leave the book at home! If you have the book people WILL start to browse and make requests which can be an uncomfortable situation for beginners.

Good luck with the guitar this holiday season!

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Sun Kissed the Sea by Shores of Apollo

This is a treat for me!¬†Shores of Apollo is one of my former student’s, Victor’s, band. It is always cool to see someone who has taken lessons from me that continues to make music, but, even cooler to see them flourish!

Victor was always really musical even at a young age. Must run in the family as his dad is a pretty good drummer too.

This song has a really cool mix of heavy-ness and dream like melodies. The bands Facebook page states that, ‘all current recording are works in progress.’ Can’t wait for the final versions then. Keep on rocking Victor…and please keep me posted of your upcoming shows and projects!

Check this video out, there are some great guitarists and musicians coming out of the Poway area!

Shores of Apollo Facebook Fan Page