Interactive Lesson #4, Music Jigsaw Puzzle

Here is Lesson #4. Have fun putting together the puzzle, then answer the questions below.

Be sure to check out the past lessons you may have missed.

Click to Mix and Solve

Interactive Lesson #3- Puzzle, Decoding Music Symbols

Here is the new online interactive lesson. This puzzle contains a paragraph that needs to be decoded. Some of the words are missing and in their place are musical symbols.

The student’s task is to look up the symbols and use their name to write out the sentences completely in the form below. All symbols can be found in our book FJH Everybody’s Guitar Method #1.

Click here to try past challenges.

Interactive Lesson #2- Open Strings

Hi Students,

Here is a chance to use your creative word skills.

It is very important to know/memorize the names of all six open strings on the guitar.

The string names from 6-1(thickest to thinnest) are:  E   A   D   G   B   E

Your task is to come up with a sentence where the first letter of each word is the name of an open string.

They must be in order!

You can start from the 6th string  E   A   D   G   B   E  or

you can start from the 1st string   E   B   G   D   A   E

One of the best so far by Adam: Even Angry Dogs Get Bacon Everyday.  Good job Adam!

Interactive Lesson #1

Alright students…

…I  want you to watch the video below and then answer the questions.

Part of learning an instrument is seeing other play and making observations. You can comment on anything that strikes you about the performance.

B.B King

Parent’s note: Just to be safe, you may want to check content before showing to your young students. Although all material I post to me is OK for students you may disagree and the videos may have previews etc. that I can  not control. Please let me know if you have problems with any content!

Recital Sign Up

Here is the sign up list for our upcoming recital. THE ONLY WAY TO SIGN UP IS HERE ONLINE!

The recital will take place Monday, December 3. Location is the Terrace Restaurant directly across Poway Road from our studio.

Terrace has agreed to offer some kind of happy hour prices for appetizers and beverages. Performers receive a free soda.

Remember they are hosting us no charge, please treat them as you would on a regular dining outing.

We will be in a patio room so weather may be an issue. If it is we will address the problem closer to the date.

To sign up please fill out the brief form below.



-All students in good standing are eligible to perform, must be enrolled in December to participate and must have filled out the Updated Information Form.

-If you are not familiar with my website please look around especially the pages regarding our lessons, such as, our calendar. I urge you to take advantage of the Interactive Lessons.

-Students will need 3-4 songs. Have your kids start thinking about the songs they want to play.