Last Summer Night

Dear Everyone, (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) I am sorry to report that our beloved summer is in its waning hours. Today is the last day. Fall is great and all with football, baseball playoffs, the holidays and all, but, summer is the best. Swimming, the beaches flip-flops, warm nights. Who am I kidding its […]

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Happy 4th of July, 2013

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you have a fun and safe holiday while celebrating the ¬†anniversary of our Nation’s Independence! Just wanted to post two quick versions of the Star Spangled Banner guitar style. I recently saw¬†Yngwie Malmsteen in San Diego and he performed a tribute to the military with a rendition of the […]

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IT looks like your business is thriving! I sure hope so! Matt just graduated from Auburn University in Alabama, and is back in SD looking for jobs. (He has a degree in economics). You were such a great influence on his life, and it went beyond the guitar. Your smile is infectious your patience was […]

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Best Album Ever?

Van Halen’s fourth album, “Fair Waring,” released on this date 1981. This is one album that I have never grown tired of…If I had only one CD to take on a deserted island…this would be it! Eddie’s guitar tone and creativeness were at peak levels! The album was also one of the bands heaviest and […]

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This Performance May be Why the Term ‘God Bless America’ is Used as a Curse Phrase

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants on their 2012 World Championship! The Giants swept the Detroit Tigers 4-0 in baseball’s Fall Classic. Of course the Giants were my pick to win it all! On a somewhat different note did you happen to catch the rendition of God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch? As […]

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